The price is £3.00 per person per night (£2.00 per child) (With own equipment). – If equipment hire is required, this will be at a price of £2.00 per session.

An upfront yearly fee of £24.00 per adult is charged in January and £12.00 per child..  New members joining will pay for this pro-rata based on £2.00 per remaining month of the year (£1.00 per month for children). This money will be used to pay for any equipment etc.

* From January to September you only pay for the remaining months of the year, from October to December you also pay for the next full year.

If it’s required, 4-6 week training course £30.00. Training per child will be £24.00

**Please Add £10 to final price – This covers the costs of an arm guard and finger tab, which is yours to keep **

Other Fees.

£2.00 per week for bow and arrow hire, for members not having own equipment.

If you want to get your own archery equipment, we can measure you up to ensure you get the correct equipment from the start. From club level to professional.

Bow Tuning – Get the most of your own bow by having it custom tuned to your own stance and shooting style to improve your shooting. – £30

We run a badge reward scheme that costs around £2 per quarter, this gives our members goals to aim for to improve their shooting.  Also a challenge called 252 at 20m including medal FREE as apart of the badges scheme. Other competitions may include a small charge to cover prizes

  • Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate available at 50p – £1 per drink. (In winter).
  • Flavoured Bottles Water at 60p

Toilet facilities available.

If you fancy just a taster session for just one night, this is available for £10

Please, if this is confusing, use the calculator below. Just choose your joining date, your age, whether you need to do the training course, and if you need equipment hire..

If you are still unsure, please use the calculator below..

Date of joining Age 10-15 Age 16+
Membership, yearly £12 £24
Training, 6 weeks £24 £30
Insurance, yearly £15 £25
Badges, quarterly £2 £2
Subs, weekly £2 £3
Equipment, weekly £2 £2


Total On first day: £0.


Pro Rata Membership: £0 (Annually, due every January)
Training 6 Weeks: £0 (One Off Payment)
Insurance: £0 (Annually, due every September)
Badges: £0 Quarterly.
Subs: £0 Weekly
Equipment Hire: £0 (Weekly, when needed)

**Please Add £10 to final price - This covers the costs of an arm guard and finger tab, which is yours to keep **