Expert Instruction
Archery GB Trained Instructors available for ongoing training.
Social Events
Our members benefit from a great social night.
In-House Competitions
Plenty of club achievements and awards to gain.

Not Just An Archery Club

At Hull Archery Club, where we are not just a collective of archery enthusiasts, but a vibrant community bound by shared passions and mutual support. Our club offers a welcoming and friendly environment that caters to a variety of interests, whether you aim to hone your archery skills, compete in tournaments, or simply enjoy the sport recreationally. Our club is more than just a weekly gathering for archery practice. It’s a space where you can engage with fellow archery aficionados, share experiences, and build lasting friendships. Even if you choose not to participate in shooting activities every week, you’re always welcome to join us for social interactions and to revel in the camaraderie of our members. At Hull Archery Club, we believe that archery is more than a sport—it’s a lifestyle that fosters friendship and community. We look forward to welcoming you into our fold.

No Long-Term Contract

No Long-Term Contract

If you can no longer attend the club, simply let us know and cancel your standing order.

Equipment Hire

Equipment Hire

Don't worry about buying your own equipment when you can make use of ours for just £2.00 per night.

Ongoing Training

Ongoing Training

Don't think that after 4 weeks training is over. Our members benefit from ongoing tuition.

Hull Archery Club shooting at Cottingham Parks Golf and Leisure Club

Welcome to Hull Archery Club, a primarily outdoor archery community that prides itself on fostering a friendly, family-oriented environment. We cater to individuals aged 14 and above, with the provision that those under 16 are accompanied by a parent or guardian. Our club is not just about archery; it’s a social hub that brings together individuals with shared interests, creating friendships that might not have formed otherwise.

In 2024, we joined forces with Cottingham Archers, based in Hull, East Yorkshire. Our shooting sessions currently take place at the Cottingham Parks Golf & Leisure Club, Woodhill Way, Cottingham, East Yorkshire, HU16 5SW. We gather on Friday evenings from 18:50 to 21:10 and Sunday mornings from 10:00. Please note that these times and days are subject to change due to weather conditions and daylight availability.

Our shooting range is a spacious open field equipped with fourteen distant targets. These targets can be adjusted closer to accommodate disabled archers, those in training, and archers who may struggle with limited body strength.

Hull Archery Club has a rich history dating back to 1985. Over the years, we’ve operated in various locations around the city, including Eastmount School on Longhill estate. Initially, our focus was on providing a dedicated space for disabled members. We later moved to Walton Street Leisure Centre but had to cease operations there due to circumstances beyond our control.

Our club primarily focuses on recurve archery, offering both sighted and barebow categories. We take pride in having an Archery GB trained coach on board, who is always ready to assist our members and provide training to newcomers. We welcome members with compound bows, however, please note that we do not provide training for this type of bow. Members must bring their own compound bow, and it must adhere to our club’s maximum draw weight limit of 50lb. This is to prevent damage to our targets due to the high accuracy of these bows at our maximum shooting distance. We periodically test compound bows for compliance, and if a bow exceeds the limit, the member will be asked to adjust it accordingly. Please note, that we currently do not permit the use of crossbows at our club.

We look forward to welcoming you to our club and sharing the joy of archery with you.


What our members have said about the club.

Walking into the club for the first time was quite daunting as I wasn’t to sure what to expect. Been female and walking in to seeing the majority of the club were male was also a bit daunting however once I got started and into it that feeling soon went. Everyone is friendly and welcoming and I couldn’t imagine a better group of people to shoot with! I’m so glad I started and never looked back, it’s like my very own archery family now and I love it!

Alisha Member

Being a bloke in my late 30’s, the thought of walking into an established club and asking for help, seemed pretty daunting. However I can say that the helpful friendly nature of the club soon had me hooked. Learned how to use a variety of bow styles. A great source of ideas and information, very friendly.

Mike Member

With guidance from qualified instructor Mark, I managed to hit the target for beginners. Over the next two hours I improved.
He noticed my weakness in my left shoulder and offered advice. Eventually I hit the bull!
This is something that requires skill patience and time to get right. With advice from the instructors I improved over the night and have signed up for a 6 week training course.
It was an excellent night and 5 days later I’m itching to have another go!.
At the end of the night I left with a happy child, a small ache in my arm and looking forward to coming back the next week.

John Member

Latest News

Any new club news will be added to this list, and posted on our Facebook group, where you are free to join in the chat.

Seeking New Venue for Hull Archery Club

Dear Friends and Community Members,

We are reaching out with an urgent request. The Hull Archery Club, a cherished part of our community’s sporting life, is in need of a new home. Due to the upcoming closure of our current venue by Hull City Council, we are actively seeking a new space to continue our practice and competitions.

Our Requirements:

  • A spacious hall, room, or warehouse, with a minimum size of 12m x 25m.
  • Some storage capacity for our equipment.
  • Access to toilet facilities would be ideal.

We are looking for a space available for a few hours each week, but we are also open to discussing a more permanent solution if that’s what’s available.

If you know of any suitable locations, or if you’re an estate agent who can assist us, please get in touch. Your support in this time of transition is invaluable to us.

Thank you for your help and for sharing this message.

Hull Archery Club receives grant from Cash4Clubs, Sported and Flutter

We are delighted to announce that Hull Archery Club has been awarded a grant from Cash4Clubs, Sported and Flutter, three leading organisations that support grassroots sports clubs in the UK. This grant will enable us to continue to offer high-quality archery services to our members and the wider community in Kingston Upon Hull.Flutter

Cash4Clubs, Sported and Flutter have recognised the value and impact of our club’s work in promoting archery as a sport for all. They have generously donated funds to help us improve our equipment, facilities and opportunities for our archers, especially during these difficult times. We are very grateful to them for their support and trust in our club.

With this grant, we will be able to:

  • Purchase new and upgraded bows, arrows, targets and safety equipment for our club
  • Improve our indoor range to meet the standards and expectations of our archers
  • Increase the number and variety of sessions, courses and events that we offer to people of different ages, abilities and backgrounds who want to learn or practice archery
  • Enhance the experience and satisfaction of our archers by providing them with professional coaching, feedback and guidance
  • Strengthen the sustainability and resilience of our club by developing our capacity, governance and partnerships

We are proud to be part of the Cash4Clubs, Sported and Flutter network and we look forward to collaborating with them to grow and develop our club. We encourage you to visit their websites to find out more about their amazing work and how you can get involved or support them.

Cash4Clubs: Sported: Flutter:

We would also like to thank our coaches, volunteers, partners and supporters for their ongoing dedication and passion for our sport. Without them, our club would not be possible.

We hope that this grant will inspire more people to join our club and enjoy the benefits of archery, such as physical fitness, mental focus, social interaction and fun. We believe that archery is a sport for everyone and we welcome anyone who wants to give it a try.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you are interested in joining our club. We would love to hear from you.

Thank you for your support and stay tuned for more news from Hull Archery Club! 🏹🎯

Cash 4 Clubs

HAC Bee Badge
Introducing The Bee Badge
New Badge – Bee Badge First Look
To get this you need to get 6 arrows in one end and score either black or yellow with every arrow, in any combination as long as at least one arrow scores in either colour, so:
  • 1 Yellow and 5 Blacks
  • 2 Yellows and 4 Blacks
  • 3 Yellows and 3 Blacks
  • 4 Yellows and 2 Blacks
  • 5 Yellows and 1 Black
any other colour combination voids the attempt
Good Luck

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