Expert Instruction
Archery GB Trained Instructors available for ongoing training.
Social Events
Our members benefit from a great social night.
In-House Competitions
Plenty of club achievements and awards to gain.

Not Just An Archery Club

Members of the club benefit from a deep social connection. As much as archery is the main focus in the club, team building and friendships come a close second. Members don't necessarily have to shoot to come to the club, simply catching up with friends is also important.

No Long-Term Contract

No Long-Term Contract

If you can no longer attend the club, simply let us know and cancel your standing order.

Equipment Hire

Equipment Hire

Don't worry about buying your own equipment when you can make use of ours for just £2.00 per night.

Ongoing Training

Ongoing Training

Don't think that after 4 weeks training is over. Our members benefit from ongoing tuition.

Hull Archery Club is an indoor archery club based in Hull, East Yorkshire, that currently shoots on Friday evenings 18:50-21:10 at the Walton Street Leisure Centre, at the bottom of Goathland Close, Walton Street (Click Here For Map).

We shoot in a large indoor sports hall, with six distant targets which can be moved closer for disabled, training and archers who would struggle with limited body strength.

The club is a friendly family orientated club for anyone aged 10+ (under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian).  We have a lot of members who just use the club as a social evening, and as a chance to have a night out with friends, as we bring people together with common interests, who they might not have met otherwise.

The Archery club in its own right has been running since 1985 in one form or another, at various locations around the city, including Eastmount School on Longhill estate. Back then it was a dedicated club for disabled members.


What our members have said about the club.

Walking into the club for the first time was quite daunting as I wasn’t to sure what to expect. Been female and walking in to seeing the majority of the club were male was also a bit daunting however once I got started and into it that feeling soon went. Everyone is friendly and welcoming and I couldn’t imagine a better group of people to shoot with! I’m so glad I started and never looked back, it’s like my very own archery family now and I love it!

Alisha Member

Being a bloke in my late 30’s, the thought of walking into an established club and asking for help, seemed pretty daunting. However I can say that the helpful friendly nature of the club soon had me hooked. Learned how to use a variety of bow styles. A great source of ideas and information, very friendly.

Mike Member

With guidance from qualified instructor Mark, I managed to hit the target for beginners. Over the next two hours I improved.
He noticed my weakness in my left shoulder and offered advice. Eventually I hit the bull!
This is something that requires skill patience and time to get right. With advice from the instructors I improved over the night and have signed up for a 6 week training course.
It was an excellent night and 5 days later I’m itching to have another go!.
At the end of the night I left with a happy child, a small ache in my arm and looking forward to coming back the next week.

John Member

Latest News

Any new club news will be added to this list, and posted on our Facebook group, where you are free to join in the chat.

Team Building Night

Our last club bonding night was February last year (just before COVID)…

As we’re closed over Hull Fair, I am wondering if any of our members fancy a couple of games of bowling like last time…

Bowling has always been a popular choice, as it’s something that our younger members can participate in…

If this is of any interest to our members, then let me know so we can arrange something…

Logo and Header Competition
Hi Everyone…
As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been having work done on the website  and our FaceBook group at
We’re on the hunt for a new header/logo for these pages and would like you to design them for us.
Your designs can be emailed to
If we choose to use yours, you will receive this fantastic archery/sports telescope…
This is an open competition, so anybody can enter, not just club members
Good Luck Everyone

It’s looking likely that the archery club can re-open after the 7th June 2021, so our first session would be Friday 11th June…


For the time being, this will be only for existing members…

I’d appreciate it if members could message me with their intentions…


Archery GB latest information
An update from Archery GB is as follows
Indoor archery for everyone else can take place from 12 April, however, it is an individual activity only. That means one archer, or a household, could book a single target, turn up & shoot, and then leave.
As you can probably understand, this means we will not be opening the club as of yet as we could not sustain the club with those numbers.
Hopefully, the update in May will give us a better chance of returning back to normal…
Win a Smartwatch
Win a Watch
Hi Guys.
We’re working to raise money for the club

Every pound donated will be given a number. The draw will happen on Facebook Live by asking Alexa or Siri to randomly pick a number.

Win a Smartwatch

Win a Smartwatch

Possible return to shooting
Hi all…
Hope you’re staying safe…
The government has indicated indoor sports facilities will reopen on 12 April, if strict conditions are met. I will update you about when indoor archery can resume as soon as further details are announced by the government.
We can then look at what restrictions might be in place, and decide whether it will be viable to open at that time.
Hopefully, see you all soon 🙂
Rules for returning
  • Arrive between 6.30 and 6.45 – Members only, no guests or observers. The latch on the door will be closed from 7.00 to stop people entering… If you’re going to be late let me know.
  • Please do not come if you are having any symptoms of COVID
  • On entry please sanitise your hands.
  • All members must sign in and have temperature taken (non-contact) – Please don’t enter the hall before being authorised… I’m sorry but amber or red on the thermometer means you will be refused entry. This will be a part of the track and trace system for ours and your protection.
  • Masks are compulsory… I have ordered club masks but they haven’t arrived so please bring your own, and hopefully, ours will be here by next week.
  • Social distancing must be adhered to.
  • All toilets are locked except the disabled toilets so people can still social distance.
  • Please don’t enter the storage room or cupboard without gloves (provided).
  • Sanitising wipes provided for you to clean club equipment before use. Please do this before removing gloves.
  • If going into the club box, please sanitise hands.
  • Please don’t handle other peoples equipment.
  • We will be using fewer targets to enable better social distancing.
  • Only one person shooting on a target at a time, please wait until the person has shot all their arrows and stepped off the shooting line before lining up and taking your place.
  • On collection of arrows please only approach the targets one at a time, and avoid arrows that are not your own.
  • At the end of the session, again, if you’re going into the cupboard make sure you’re wearing gloves.
  • Sanitise your hands before leaving
  • If you have any symptoms after the session, please let me know immediately
    These guidelines are to try and keep everyone safe. This is new to us, as it is with everyone else, so we will be no doubt adjusting policies as we go. If you know of a better way of doing things, or can add to things we should be doing, as always please let us know.
Club Re-Opening
It’s looking likely that we will be re-opening on the 31st July at a limited capacity…
  • We will be setting up fewer targets (however many creates a reasonable social distance on the shooting line and when collecting.
  • We’ll be operating a queuing system, so one person shooting at a target at any one time… Collecting will be the same, please give other members space to collect their arrows before collecting yours. It goes without saying, please try not to touch other peoples arrows when collecting your own.
  • Handwashing facilities will be provided.
  • Anyone using club equipment will be responsible for wiping it down before use, cleaning your hands before and after.
  • No handling other peoples equipment
  • It goes without saying, facemasks must be worn at all times
  • Keep your distance from other members…
Not everyone is convinced the virus is as bad as it’s made out to be, but please respect the rules anyway to protect the people who do, and need to be safe.
These rules are just what I could think of, off the top of my head… I’ll let you know the official Archery GB guidelines when they release them.
The reason for this date is to cover the week we lost in March… That way I will be able to refund complete months instead of odd days.
Please send me a personal message if you intend on returning. If there’s a lot of people, I will have to give priority to those who were current members when we broke off.
COVID Closure Update
Hello Everyone…
I still have no notice of when we can re-open, but I will keep you all informed when I have more details.
I understand some people still have their Standing Orders set up. This money is safe in the club’s bank account.
With everything being in lockdown, I can not currently get access to the bank, but as soon as this is over, one of the first priorities will be to get the money refunded for the days we couldn’t shoot because of the virus.
I hope this is satisfactory for everyone.
Stay safe everyone…