Archery Ladder

Archery Ladder

Ladder League Table
This is something that’s been in the planning for over a year.

The ladder is intended to promote friendly competition and rivalry within the club. Any archers deemed to be acting unfairly may be penalised by position. Any disputes to the rules shall be settled by the Tournament and Records Officer.

  1. An archer may challenge anyone up to 3 places further up the ladder, or 3 places from the bottom if not on the ladder.
  2. The format of the match will be decided by the archer who receives the challenge; it can be either a full round (e.g. Portsmouth), a made-up round (e.g. 1 dozen arrows using reverse scoring), or a one arrow shoot off (if they are feeling confident!). Be creative, but please make them safe
  3. An archer who refuses a challenge shall be deemed to have lost the match.
  4. You may not challenge the same person more than once per session.
  5. If a challenge is won the victor moves into the defeated archer’s place, and everyone else moves down one place.
  6. Results of the match shall be given to Tournament and Records Officer as soon as possible after the match.
  7. You must shoot your own bow setup



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