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Seeking New Venue for Hull Archery Club

Dear Friends and Community Members,

We are reaching out with an urgent request. The Hull Archery Club, a cherished part of our community’s sporting life, is in need of a new home. Due to the upcoming closure of our current venue by Hull City Council, we are actively seeking a new space to continue our practice and competitions.

Our Requirements:

  • A spacious hall, room, or warehouse, with a minimum size of 12m x 25m.
  • Some storage capacity for our equipment.
  • Access to toilet facilities would be ideal.

We are looking for a space available for a few hours each week, but we are also open to discussing a more permanent solution if that’s what’s available.

If you know of any suitable locations, or if you’re an estate agent who can assist us, please get in touch. Your support in this time of transition is invaluable to us.

Thank you for your help and for sharing this message.

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