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Club Banner

Morning All…
Some time ago, this photograph was taken for the website…

I’ve been given permission to put a massive, permanent banner on the back wall above the net.

To do this, I can use this picture to make the banner, but I would rather reshoot the picture, preferably with a current member.

So I am wondering if anyone would entertain the idea of being the face, or rather elbow of the club.

Drop me a message if you’re interested…

If necessary I can shoot it multiple times and we can, as a club choose the best picture…

Thanks all

Last shoot of the year

Last shoot of the year coming up this Friday (17th December)

Secret Santa Rules

  • Your entry is a present with a value between £5 and £8 (your choice of which end of the scale you are at), the present is to be wrapped but not marked with any names etc.
  • The present is marked with a number, and a corresponding number is pinned to a boss.
  • Everyone then shoots one arrow each at the boss at the same time.
  • You then collect your arrows, if you hit a number, that present is the one you get.
  • Then shoot again until everyone wins a present.
  • 2 people in 1 number cancel each other out so both must shoot again.
  • If you hit your own number, shoot again
I’m open to suggestions for activities…
If anyone wants to bring some refreshments for a bit of a party, then by all means do so…

After that, we’ll be closed Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, reopening the first week in January (7th)

One End Wonder Competition

one end wonder
I am trying to put the fine details together for an in-house competition I’m calling “One End Wonder”
So far, my idea is for members to shoot as normal every week, and take a photo of your best end… if you beat the score that night replace the photograph… at the end of the night, either send me the photo of the highest-scoring end, either on messenger or via email…
I’ll then come up with some kind of leaderboard or table, weekly, monthly annual etc. Then I’ll sort some form of fair ranking (open to suggestions) … Can get some prizes or awards to back this up…
If nothing else it will be a good target to aim for with personal development…
I’m interested in knowing what members think, and how we can develop this better

The 300

Archery GB is running a competition called the 300
To enter it your Archery GB membership must be current…
I am wondering though, what members think of running it ourselves in-house, as an ongoing competition… Can create a club leaderboard…
The 300 will run from 1 November 2021 – 31 January 2022.
The 300 is the perfect opportunity to mix social media and competition for all levels of archers around the UK. It is a simple 30 arrow round at 18m.
***Format ***
18 metres – 30-arrow round max score 300
Any 40cm official target face
The 4cm diameter 10 ring is for both compound, recurve, barebow and longbows, the 2cm diameter inner most ring is to be a 10 but scored as an X ring.
In final score you will count 10s and Xs as 10s, but also record the number of Xs.
Target faces – you are welcome to use any of the selection of 40cm target faces, either
Single spot
Triple spot (vertical)
Triple spot (triangular)
You must score your round on a new clean target face.
How does social media play its part?
In order to participate in this virtual competition, you must supply,
A clear photograph of your target face. No practice can be done on the face you use for competition. Please ensure the photograph is taken in good, clear light so the full face can be seen.
Your name
Your division
The club you shot at
The date you shot (so we can relate back to the scoring app)
The picture or time-lapse video
How do I enter?
You enter by submitting this form.
Please be aware that you will need to register a minimum of 48 hours prior to gaining access to the Ianseo Scoring app score sheet.
How do I score the round?
You will need to download the Ianseo Scoring app.
Search the Google Play Store, or the Apple App Store, you will need to look for ‘Ianseo Scorekeeper’
iOS Link:
Android Link:
This will then send the scores directly to us and we can collate all results. If you are filming and only have one phone/tablet, please print off a scoring sheet and write the score down then input the scores to the Ianseo Scoring app after you have recorded and shot your round, sending a photo of the scoring sheet and video.
Please see the document below for details of how to use the app.
Where can I shoot my “The 300” round?
Your 300 can be shot at any indoor or outdoor Archery GB club or a private range or shop with insurance, you must be an Archery GB member to participate.
Round up of the Rules
You must shoot the whole 300 round in one session.
A photograph of the target face (only the round, no practice) for submission to be accepted.
The photograph or video could be used as a marketing tool on our social media and by submitting it, you are giving permission for Archery GB to use the picture or video on social media and our website.
Any amount of 300 rounds can be submitted by a single person.
Any precautions must be kept in line with current government guidelines.
Ensure that anyone that could be in the photograph or video footage is happy to be so.
Scoring must be submitted through the Ianseo Scoring app.
Winners will be announced at the end of the virtual competition period.
All disciplines are using the larger 10 ring, and the inner 10 ring is to be scored as an X
Your 300 can be shot at any Archery GB, a private range or shop with insurance.
Rules set out by the club you are shooting at must always be followed.
If you only have one phone/tablet, please score on a scoresheet, and then input the scores into the Ianseo Scoring app after filming if you choose to film.
You must enter via the Google Form a minimum of 48 hours prior to completing the round, to get your scoresheet on the Ianseo Scoring app.

Team Yorkshire The Homecoming

I can get 2 free tickets to Team Yorkshire The Homecoming in Leeds, welcoming back sports stars from the area who were in the Olympics and Paralympics…
If any of our members fancy going on the club’s behalf, let me know asap and we can arrange the tickets…

On behalf of the Leader of Leeds City Council, Councillor James Lewis, we are delighted to inform you about an exciting event – Team Yorkshire The Homecoming!


Olympic and Paralympic heroes will be given a homecoming to remember with a major event at the Leeds First Direct Arena on October 10. Olympians and Paralympians will take to the stage to talk about their exploits in an event hosted by 2016 Olympic medallist Nile Wilson and sports broadcaster Tanya Arnold.


Athletes attending include Jess Learmonth, Jonny Brownlee, Georgia Taylor-Brown, Jack Laugher MBE and Hannah Cockroft MBE among many others – with more athletes being confirmed daily.


Channel 4, who have just setup home in Leeds, are supporting the event – which will take place on Sunday October 10 from 3-5pm.


The event will include live entertainment including headline Yorkshire act, Starlights, along with Phoenix Dance, Yorkshire Prose live poetry and other fantastic acts.


Hull City Council have reserved an allocation of FREE tickets for community grassroots sports clubs and as such, you are invited to book up to 2 free tickets through the link below. The FREE ticket allocation is limited and will be operated on a first come, first served basis therefore if you would like to attend, please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment! You are welcome to share this opportunity with your club members and volunteers however, we kindly request that you do not publish it on social media.

2021 Halloween Bash

At the club, we have held some EPIC fancy dress Halloween shoots…
Halloween this year would be the 29th of October…
I’m interested in what the members want us to do?
Last year, I brought in the LARP Arrows… We could do that again… Food and music is a must… How about fancy dress?
We should discuss this now to get ready on time.
For those new enough to the club to not remember, have a look through the Facebook photographs…

Team Building Night

Our last club bonding night was February last year (just before COVID)…

As we’re closed over Hull Fair, I am wondering if any of our members fancy a couple of games of bowling like last time…

Bowling has always been a popular choice, as it’s something that our younger members can participate in…

If this is of any interest to our members, then let me know so we can arrange something…

Logo and Header Competition

Hi Everyone…
As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been having work done on the website  and our FaceBook group at
We’re on the hunt for a new header/logo for these pages and would like you to design them for us.
Your designs can be emailed to
If we choose to use yours, you will receive this fantastic archery/sports telescope…
This is an open competition, so anybody can enter, not just club members
Good Luck Everyone


It’s looking likely that the archery club can re-open after the 7th June 2021, so our first session would be Friday 11th June…


For the time being, this will be only for existing members…

I’d appreciate it if members could message me with their intentions…