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Summer Closure.. 2nd June 2017

Hi Everyone..

As most people know, a condition of our reduced rent for the hall at the leisure centre is that we lose one evening per year around Jun/July time, for the model railway show that they host in the main hall, so that they can set up their little trains.

Well this years closure is 2nd June for the show on the 3rd June.

As always, my apologies for this, but it is what keeps our rent down..

Back as normal on the 9th June .. Enjoy your day off..

Spring Woodland Shoot

Got a chance for an outdoor shoot in the spring.. It’s in a small woods with 12 targets all different animals etc, to shoot at through the trees etc on a trail that weaves through..
Unfortunately this aimed at people with their own equipment at the moment however in the future we may take some club equipment…

The price will be £10 per person for members, £15 for non members for as many goes round as you want to or daylight will allow

Let me know, if you’re interested..

Closed for Model Railway Club

As most of you know, a condition of our discounted rent for the hall is that we close one weekend every summer so that the leisure centre can host a model railway exhibition for the weekend..
I’ve just had confirmation from them that this year it’s on 2nd June.
So there’ll be no archery that week..
Thanks for understanding..

2017 Monthly Competition

Hi Guys
Tomorrow night starts the beginning of our 2017 competition.

This will be run on the last Friday of every month. Its something totally different and is designed to put you as archers out of your comfort zones.

It will be a scoring session, and run over the next 12 months.

There will be several categories including juniors, barebow, freestyle and possibly compound depending on how many of each categories.

There’ll be end of year trophies and medals and possibly monthly awards.

This will come out of the £2 per quarter competition fees (I know we haven’t been collecting it, but we will be starting collecting again, starting end of February)

So, hope to be seeing as many people as possible tomorrow night