Training Courses

Training courses last 4-6 sessions. You will receive training each session, courtesy of one of our Archery GB-trained coaches.

Members who do not have their own equipment can be measured up to ensure they get the correct equipment. Afterwards, they pay a small rental fee each time they attend for this equipment.

New starter training courses: £40 one-off payment per person (paid upon joining – see example below) This includes the cost of an arm guard and finger tab which you get to keep. This includes insurance.

Weekly Equipment Rental Fee: £2

When you are looking to purchase your own archery equipment, we can measure you up to ensure you get the correct equipment – from club level to professional. We can recommend you to one of our equipment suppliers who will be more than happy to help.

Please visit our sponsor’s page for our favoured outlets.


Membership fees are to be paid by standing order on the first of each month.

Membership Monthly Fee: £16


New Starter Total Example

We have provided an example of what you would need to pay on day one below:

A new starter looking to join who would want/need training and to hire equipment would need to pay the following on their first night either by cash or bank transfer:

  • £16 – This is for the first month of membership (Paid by standing order each month afterwards) (The price for your first month may vary depending on your start date. Your first month’s payment will be calculated at £4.00 per week depending on how many weeks of the month are left)
  • £40 Training course
  • £2 Equipment hire (Paid in cash or bank transfer each session)


£59 (After training Archery GB fees are due, see below)

Other Charges

Bow Tuning

For those who own their own bow, we can offer a bow tuning service by one of our guest Archery GB coaches to ensure it is custom-tuned to your own stance and shooting style.

Custom Bow Tuning Service Fee: £30

Taster Sessions: £15 (By Appointment Only. Please don’t just turn up)



Refreshments can be purchased for the Club house


Other Fees

Guest shooting for non-members with their own equipment is £6.00 per session

Equipment hire is £4.00 if needed