Fund Raising

Hi Everyone

It’s common knowledge that we have been looking for an outdoor space for the club to shoot from.. This would enable us to increase our membership numbers, and include more junior and disabled members.

Well we have found a place, Northcott Community Special School, Bude Road, Bransholme…

We hope to start shooting there on the 10th February 2019

Our problems lay in the fact that there is no storage for our equipment.  I’ve been pricing around and this is quite an expensive thing we are looking at.

We also need a selection of suitable outdoor target bosses, stands , trolleys, training bows and arrows etc.

We also need some specialist equipment to allow children and disabled members to shoot safely.

Ideally, we need around £10,000-£20,000 but at a bare minimum we can get by with £5000 plus what funds we already have in the kitty, and worry about the rest later…  The more we get allows us to get up and running to full speed more quickly.

We only have a short amount of time to raise this money before the land becomes unavailable, and we have to start the search again…

Please help us by spreading this post around and by clicking the donate button below.

Many Thanks…