Being a bloke in my late 30’s, the thought of walking into an established club and asking for help, seemed pretty daunting. However I can say that the helpful friendly nature of the club soon had me hooked. Learned how to use a variety of bow styles. A great source of ideas and information, very friendly.

Mike Brooks – Hull


Walking into the club for the first time was quite daunting as I wasn’t to sure what to expect. Been female and walking in to seeing the majority of the club were male was also a bit daunting however once I got started and into it that feeling soon went. Everyone is friendly and welcoming and I couldn’t imagine a better group of people to shoot with! I’m so glad I started and never looked back, it’s like my very own archery family now and I love it!

Alisha Foster – Hull


Hidden Gem
Having wanted to shoot an arrow for most of my life I was delighted to find the Hull Archery Club. My daughter (aged 10) wanted to learn this skill, after a taster session at Burton Constable.
We contacted Carl through Facebook and he invited us along. The club is at Walton Street Leisure Centre – which I never knew existed and is hidden away, off Walton street.
We arrived and were measured for a suitable strength and length of bow and arrows.
We were shown the way to construct the bow from its component pieces and the safe way to tension the string.
As a beginner we were taken to a short target which was about 25 feet away, but felt like 100 yards.
There was so much to learn. The way to build a bow, the lines that are strictly observed (firing line, equipment line, waiting line etc.)  There are procedures to follow, etiquette and the field captain shouting out “FAST”, “Come down”, “safe to collect” etc.
Everything is done with safety in mind. Archery is one of the safest sports, after crown green bowling and there is a reason for this, rules and etiquette.
Obviously I don’t have a bow, so one is hired out for the night and the fee is small. Only £2 to cover new equipment and wear and tear. I wouldn’t know where to start, buying a bow, how strong the bow would have to be or how long the limbs are that attach to the riser (see! I learnt some words!). Carl and Mark at Hull Archery took care of that with simple measurements.
So, I fired my first arrow.
With guidance from qualified instructor Mark, I managed to hit the target for beginners. Over the next two hours I improved.
He noticed my weakness in my left shoulder and offered advice. Eventually I hit the bull!
This is something that requires skill patience and time to get right. With advice from the instructors I improved over the night and have signed up for a 6 week training course.
It was an excellent night and 5 days later I’m itching to have another go!.
At the end of the night I left with a happy child, a small ache in my arm and looking forward to coming back the next week.

John Scott – Hull