We have a competition called  252.  In this competition, you shoot 36 arrows at a target 20 meters away, and you must score 252 points or more with the arrows.  Now for the BAD NEWS. We only count the odd numbers, so its scored as White = 1, Black = 3, Blue = 5, Red = 7, and Yellow = 9.   Sounds tough right, so here’s the GOOD NEWS.  Instead of shooting at a usual 60 centimeter target, we double the target size to 120 centimeter target.


The idea behind the Portsmouth, is to shoot ten ends of six arrows (sixty arrows in total)
at a 60 centimeter target which is placed 20 meters away.  Keep score, and reach milestones by improving your scores.  Awards are offered for scores ranging from 150 points up to a perfect score of 600 points, and come in different disciplines of Junior (Under 16), Freestyle (Sighted Recurve) and Bare bow (We are classing bare bow as all types of bow, but which are not using any sighting gadgets)

 Perfect End

Nothing is any archers dream more than a sixty point end, that is apart from a sixty point end that is solely consisting of six X’s.  Come and have a go if you think you’re good enough.


Sergeant Major

The best archers in the world just love to show off. Yes good scores are always a good way to do this, but what we thought is lets reward the highest score possible, without scoring the same scoring section twice.  Based on the stripes on a sergeants patch, we came up with the Sergeant Major badge.  To get this, simply score a 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & X in one end.  Possibly the most frustrating of all our badge awards


Everybody knows who Spongebob Square Pants is.  In a nutshell, he’s this big annoying yellow creature, made of sponge, who lives in a pineapple under the sea.  Well, thinking of an achievement to get which involves the Bulls Eye, Gold or Yellow section of the target, which would be a brilliant target for our improving archers, so we devised the Spongebob badge.  All you need to do to to get a Spongebob badge is get four or more arrows in the yellow in one end, but beware! Just like the real Spongebob, this target is really annoying and will drive you mad trying to get it.

Perfect X – Coming Soon

This shot is one of the easiest to gain. Quite simply with this badge, all you need to do to get it is one perfect shot, literally hit the target dead in the center, taking out the X.



 Nock Out – Silver / Gold

The most famous archer in history was Robin Hood, famous for (amongst other things) splitting an arrow down the middle. A truly magical shot.  In reality a devastating shot as you’re damaging arrows which need replacing.  To try and take the sting out of, we’ve got the Nock Out badges. Take out just the Nock, and gain the silver, however we also have a gold badge for total destruction of your arrow.

The Woodpecker

Everybody knows someone who could shoot at a target from point blank range and still hit the wooden frame.  Chipping away at the framework is not cost effective for any club, as frames eventually need replacing, so we’ve developed the Woodpecker badge, which is basically admitting you into our Hall of Shame.


Jammy Shot – Coming Soon

Eventually, everyone gets a shot which cannot be explained.  For these shots, we are getting a specific award to have something to show from hitting such a Jammy Shot!