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Idea for our Christmas shoot…

Just seen something similar to this on another clubs page, so nicked it..

Archery Secret Santa

The idea is for all archers shooting on the last club day before Christmas, to bring a wrapped present to the value of say £5.

  • Each present will have a number taped to it, and the corresponding number pinned to a boss..
  • Everyone steps up to the shooting line and shoots one arrow at one of the numbers..
  • If more than one arrow is in a number, the one closest to the centre gets the ticket..
  • Once everyone has a number, the presents can be claimed, in the same way as a raffle..
  • Children and adults should bring a present that is age appropriate for their own age group..
  • Only people bringing presents eligible to win them..
  • Remember; if you bring a crappy present, there’s a chance you could win it back..

Any other ideas for the Christmas shoot and feedback welcome.

Full Club

Both the kids and the adults clubs are full..

If you’d like to be considered for the waiting list please say so in a comment on this post.

Please don’t add your details to the post but make sure your contact details are registered in your profile


Christmas Offer – Archery For Fun


Anyone looking for something to do on the run up to Christmas..

How about 2 hours of proper target archery training, then a short break for lunch, then 2 hours of combat archery?

The new up and coming paintball alternative (just as fun, but cleaner)

Can you take out your opponents targets before they take out yours.. if you see them aiming at your target, you aim at them.. Try not to get shot!!

Just £35 per person (inc. 30% Christmas discount)
Minimum 10 people..

Have you got the bottle?