Hull Archery Club Vice Chair Vacancy

Hull Archery Club Vice Chair Vacancy


We have had a series of short meetings over the past few weeks. And on the facts, that Mr Andrew Wilson hasn’t attended the club since 2017, we needed to replace him as the clubs Vice Chairperson…

We discussed suitable replacements within the club, and a decision was made about a possible replacement. Last night I approached said person and discussed the role and position, who agreed to accept the position, if the club was OK with it.

So I need to ask the members of the club, if anyone has any reason to disagree with the appointment of Paul Creaser as the new Hull Archery Club Vice Chair person, replacing Andrew Wilson, from the date of the next club session on the 6th of April 2018.

Paul has been a valued club member for a few years, and has recently stepped up and taken over the running of the competitions, scoring and badges etc. with specific interest in keeping our youth section busy and working towards new targets and goals.

We think he will be a valued asset to our management team, but as said, this has to be a club decision.. Members not commenting will be classed as giving their approval.. So time to have your say 




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