Annual General Meeting 13th October 2018

Annual General Meeting 13th October 2018

So, what came out of last nights AGM… Apart from John Smiths is only £1.99 a pint and an easy way to blow £20…

In attendance, Carl Cooper, Tracy Cooper, Mark Temple, Mike Brooks, Chris Owen, Derek Lewis, and Mary Lewis.


We discussed having an additional outdoor shoot to run alongside our existing Friday night session, but on a Sunday. We’re waiting for prices to come back from both Northcott School on Bransholm and Costello Sports Stadium, but at the meeting people were favouring the school, because of the price.

We would need to buy some more equipment. At the moment we could get by doing it on the cheap and transporting some bows to the new venue, however I would like to try and raise some money to attack this properly… £5000 would get us a half decent set up. £10,000 would sort us properly at both venues….

This money could be raised from grants or sponsorship.. If anyone works somewhere that would sponsor the club please get in touch.. We have a mega returns package which would be mentioned later in this memo.

In the mean time please register your vote on the poll.


The Halloween shoot will be on Friday the 2nd of November. It will be a fancy dress themed shoot / fun night.. Everyone is welcome, old members and new members and current members… As always it will be to raise money for the club so visiting members prices will be £10 each, and voluntary donations will be accepted on the night…

I’ll bring plenty of drinks, if people want to bring some buns, cakes, sandwiches etc etc etc by all means we’ll have a little buffet..

Ideas for things to shoot also accepted, if you have a photo of an ex or what ever, print it out and get it shot.. Mike Brooks got a clear head shot on Justin Bieber in the past.

So lets see your fancy dress costumes.


As always, we need new members.. In WSLC we have spaces for 4 adults and 3 children (under 16s) If you have any friends, family or colleagues, bring them along, or at least pass on my details to get any questions answered.


We’re going to make a selection videos at the club, pretty much going through our training course, and any other things members might struggle with.

These videos will be filmed to a high quality standard, and to the correct rules of shooting as per the training offered by Archery GB. As they are made, they will be uploaded to YouTube and offered out as FREE to use by anyone, anywhere to learn archery, whether they are an individual or for club use.

As mentioned earlier, our overall goal is to raise around £10,000 to kit out the two venues with new, better equipment. Anyone who sponsors the club will get a special mention on the videos, and on the YouTube channel, but for obvious reason we cannot change a video once it’s made, so getting the sponsorship deals in early are important.


If anyone else has anything to add or contribute, please feel free to do so. We remain a club with a constitution so by all means have your say.



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